Synergy Tuesday January 16, 2007

Well, I guess its corporation update time. It’s been a while since I really wrote about the corp.’s daily trials and tribulations.

The lull that was the Christmas season time has subsided and things seem to be snowballing rapidly. Projects are transitioning away from the probono to the introductory rate work. You know the professional stuff, done for friends of friends of friends. With invoices, client meetings etc., etc.,

Today was a really exciting day. I’ve taken on a very cool project for a client who is really in the same boat as me – just starting out, just getting his feet wet, scrambling to get things up and running. We met today to hash out the project requirements and during which we had a killer conversation. We started conversing about our backgrounds and the convoluted paths we’d taken to our current career choices. Then we got into some deep personal philosophy shit. Ideals about personal drive, fate, experience, and goals etc.,

Essentially we had a moment … insert single tear ]

Anyways as we’re leaving we run into a friend of a friend of an acquaintance. We get talking and it turns out he’s in the same sort of boat – just starting out, just getting his feet wet, scrambling to get things up and running. Between the three of us, in the middle of this crappy Vietnamese restaurant, we start forming this whirlwind of chaos. Business card swapping, cell phone number swamping, shit eating chaos.

You need a website? This guy’s a web designer! You need a Graphic Designer? I know a Graphic Designer! You need a Lawyer? I know a lawyer? You need an event planner? I need an Event Planner! You need a Swimsuit…...errrrrr…

With a potential re-launch this weekend and a project that needs to be done in a couple of weeks, it looks like things are really starting to pick up with the corporation. It’s the odd exciting vibrancy of today that makes me realize how thankful I am to have taken the leap into the unknown last September. No matter what happens from now on, I’m starting to realize I have no regrets.

Even if this does end in epic failure.

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