Let's Get Wrecked on Rolling Rock & Go Down to the Sea Sunday January 14, 2007

Let’s Get Wrecked on Rolling Rock & Stroll Down To the Sea.

I’ve been listening to the CBC Radio Podcast while working today. Specifically cast #85 and in particular the Bucky awards. In this particular show, it seems the Joel Plasket Emergency’s No Where With You was officially declared as this year’s song most likely to to become an instant classic. I’ve never been a huge Joel Plaskett fan until today, but I think I’ve become converted to the Church of Joel. Hallejueah! Nowhere with You is one of the catchiest little dandies I’ve heard in months. Plus anyone who makes a Rolling Rock refrence is automatically in my good books.

Hey good looking, why the frown?
You always look better when it’s upside down
You say you got nowhere that you’re going to
Can I go nowhere with you?

I took the Dartmouth Ferry into the town,
Spent my pennies bumming around,
Tryin’ to find a way to tear a strip off these boots,
Can I go nowhere with you?

Paid the cover, saw the show,
Sat at the bar where the drinks did flow.
Didn’t see a single face that I knew,
‘Till I went nowhere with you.

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