Broken Social Reunion Saturday January 13, 2007

Last night was a weird twist of fate. And I’m warning people that this post won’t make any sense and it’s not suppose to. Last night all the major characters involved in one of my favorite evenings from the summer of 2006 – The Broken Social Scene Concert – crossed paths in a weird fucked up sort of a way.

FolkFest 2006

Fate it seems has an odd way of playing games. That concert was one of the greatest concerts I’ve seen in years. Everything came together on that summer night to raise a potentially mediocre show into something different.

The odds of having everyone associated with that night coming together under far different circumstances to turn another mediocre night into a far different and far more memorable evening is strange. What started as an innocent phone call to the Motorhead household and a quiet drink at MING, ended up far different than I imagined. Far more memorable than I could have expected and in light of the events, turned into a pivotal evening. Would a different parking spot or a longer piss or a shorter phone call have changed everything? Is it strange how fate and circumstance can build new memories with the same cast of characters? How new memories can never replace old memories. How old memories are irreplacable even if they do involve the same people. The idea of the unexpected coming out of the mediocre?

If your wondering what’s with all this nonsense. I had a brief encounter with my ex last night. With it came the final piece of closure and new freedom. So this post is finally about future memories and new stories and new experiences.

P.S. I swear I’m not high.

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