Buddha's Veggie Restaurant Thursday January 11, 2007

So I just finished my first Buddha’s Veggie Restaurant Experience. Now I’m burning out because of the supposed non-existence of MSG. Question, then why the hell am I gorging on the leftovers?

Lemong Chicken, Ginger Beef, Prok Dumplings

Is this site goanna turn into a this is the shit I ate for lunch today sites? Not likely, but I’ve debated the merits of vegetarianism three times over the past few days and it’s floating in my mind. But after eating at Buddha’s I have to wonder is it a testament to the skills of the cooks at Buddha’s that they can produce food this good without meat? Or is it a testament to how bad Western Chinese Food is when you can create something better without the meat? Just curious. [I’m also still trying to push my drunken ramblings back into the bowels of ctoverdrive.]

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You ate shit for lunch?

dave · Jan 11, 08:59 pm · #permalink


There is very little meat in shit, vegetarianism = shit eater?

Dark Manyluk · Jan 12, 08:37 am · #permalink


... And that’s where this conversation goes down hill.

Wizard Sleeve?

cto · Jan 12, 08:49 am · #permalink

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