PowderKings Tuesday January 9, 2007


So I went up to Red Mountain (or apparently the snowcovered fields of Hoth) with a big group of DUDEs this weekend. It was an amazing time and some of the best snowboarding I’ve done in years.


I’ve posted some of the other photos on Flickr from the trip. It was pretty liberating to get out and finally get that kick in the pants to hit the gnar-gnar or the pow-pow or whatever the fuck it was that burned out Downhill Riders scumbag used to try impress me with when I was the Ski Club prez. (That’s for you Janine) Anyways it was good to get away from the computer. It might even give me a little kick to make a return pilgrimage to Turner Mountain… Well as long as there is no traffic jams in Sparwood.

Rustic Chair

Alright, I don’t have anything to really say. This is just a brutal attempt to bury my previous drunken ramblings from the front of ctoverdrive.

I AM CALGARY!! How gooned was I? Girls with catchers mitts Ohh! Jesus! I thought I’d learned my lesson with tomfoolery, drunkenness and computers.

Apparently not.

P.s. The Scala Childrens Choir singing Radiohead’s Creep.

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