Modest Of Mouses Tuesday January 9, 2007

So I’m stuck in a blog rut. A little bit of nothing to say, yet so much swirling around my mind. But I’m fueled by the firewater tonight. (i.e. I’m fucking wasted!) lets fucking roll with it.

Update: I offically drank way too much last night. Blogging and Drunken ctoverdrive = bad news. While still humourous, this post has been editted.


here’s the deal, i just got back from a game of curling with my boys at the calgary curling club, we slugged back some beers and just enjoyed ourselves. As dark used to say “8 beers opens the vault.” So 8 beers opens the vault!


I have spent way too much time listenignt to indie rock music over the past two days. Yesterday, I spent 11 hours with Mr.Miller

listening to 92 songs out of a 208 song playlist waiting to get home from Rosellyn B.C. That much indie music alone gets you messed up. Why, because indie artists never sing about the obivious. They only every sing about the most heart wretnching of events. It’s not something you want to listen to as you contemplate existance after two days of amazing pow-pow in B.C.


The new modest Mouse disc is going to be amazing. Dashboard is seriously the catchiest song, since “the music sounds better with you babe.” -by stardust.




Armadillo Studios is already growing beyound its capacity. We’ve done 0 websites, but I am already delegateing and pawning off work to ACAD students. (


Screw jukes for buying me a 26 of jagger.





I will refuse to delete theis post. Forever. This is real! This the CTOVERDRIVE!

Update: What I meant to says was until i wake up the next morning and realize how much of a TrainWreck I was the night before.


The Calgary Challenge, seriously sucks.


And it’s true we named our children
After towns that we’ve never been to.
And it’s true that the clouds just hung around
Like black Cadillacs outside a funeral.

And we were done, done, done
With all the fuck, fuck, fuckin’ around.
You were so true to yourself.
You were true to no one else.
Well I should put you in the ground.

I’ve got the time, I got the hours,
I got the days, I got the weeks.
I could say to myself
I’ve got the words but I can’t speak.
Well I was done, done, done
With all the circ, circ, circlin’ round.

I didn’t die and I ain’t complainin’.
I ain’t blamin’ you.
I didn’t know that the words you said to me
Meant more to me than they ever could you.
I didn’t lie and I ain’t sayin’
I told the whole truth.
I didn’t know that this game we were playin’
Even had a set of rules.

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insolent sonuva…. you weren’t complaining about the music while we were driving!

i keel your kahr!

dave · Jan 9, 10:30 am · #permalink


I’m not complaining about the music. It was actually really freaking cool. I have actually been converted to the ways of the ipod after the trip. Since then I’ve been listening to nothing but mope-core since leaving coming home and my itunes purchase account have gone through the roof. I’m just bitching to myself.

cto · Jan 9, 01:53 pm · #permalink


ah hahaha the original post was pure gold. you should have kept it.

kristin · Jan 9, 02:37 pm · #permalink


i’ll be sure to throw in some k-fed for the next road trip…

dave · Jan 9, 04:09 pm · #permalink


That’s awesome…I had stardust on my boarding playlist all weekend at red. The music sounds better with the pow pow…

brett · Jan 10, 09:06 am · #permalink


it’s more like 4 beers now

Dark Manyluk · Jan 10, 01:38 pm · #permalink


4 beers, I’d venture to say it’s at about half a pint.

cto · Jan 10, 01:59 pm · #permalink


You sure are Calgary, buddy! Woo!

hobo4hire · Jan 10, 09:54 pm · #permalink

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