Random Thoughts For LeatherFace Friday January 5, 2007


Look at me! It’s Leather Face!

First – Modest Mouse is set to release it’s follow up to Good News for People who Love Bad News and Stereogum.com has a link to the first single. Just in case you’re wondering Interpol, Gnarls Barkley and Scarlet Johansson are also releasing albums this year. Yes, that’s right Scarlet Johansson.

Second – Because I know that nobody is actually in the mood to work at the moment, So here is a link to Jason Kottke’s Best Links of 2006. I know it’s Friday afternoon, you’re sitting in your cubicle, you just want to kill time. This link will help all those feelings out. Trust me it will. Except for the photo for the guy shooting up into his tenderloin. That’s just wrong.

Third – 200 Stormtroopers marched in the Rose Parade.

Fourth – After watching all three season of Entourage over the past few weeks, I needed a new guilty pleasure. You know, something to get me through the shitty daytime television. Enter NBC’s Heroes and their all day marathon that ran on New Years Day. I’m sorry but that has to rank up there as one of the shrewdest marketing moves of all-time. Not only is it the only day on the entire Calendar where you are guaranteed a captivated audience of millions with the motor skills of a cabbage patch doll. So what do you do, reshow all 10 episodes of an addicting Superhero Drama.

Well played NBC...
Well played…

Seriously though, don’t look at the guy shooting up into his tenderloin. Seriously.

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Heroes is one of the very few decent shows on these days. The real draw for me is the story of Hiro Nakamura. This guy just cracks me up.

For those that are interested, check out the wikipedia entry for Masi Oka, who plays Hiro. He’s like, my hero.


ryan · Jan 5, 01:07 pm · #permalink


“Dashboard” is a pretty catchy number. Keep an eye open to see if they are coming to Cowtown (if you are still there) and we will make the trip out for that one for sure.

By the way Happy Freakin’ New Year

mötorhead · Jan 7, 09:31 pm · #permalink


My favorite has to be the flying nurse – Peter Petrelli. There’s just soemthing over the top ridiculous about everything he does on the show.

Dashboard is probably on of the best Modest Mouse Songs’ i’ve heard. I can’t get enough of it. Looks like the new one is gonna be great. If they are in Calgary in the next few months, you can guarntee I’ll be back for it.

cto · Jan 8, 11:22 am · #permalink

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