Resolutions Tuesday January 2, 2007

So in the last post I did a pretty somber retrospective on the year that was 2006. I guess now it’s on to the resolutions for 2007.

First Resolution – Officially putting an end to life of Toxic Turner, Brandon Turner, The Talented Mr. Turner or the c.t.overdrive.

The Talented Mr. Turner

If the past two weeks have proven anything, it’s that I really can’t handle the fire water anymore. Whether its tszaseki incidents, burning my eyelashes on cigarettes or simply spilling quarts of beer on shiny white hats, I’ve got to put a halt to the madness. Or at least bring it down a notch.

Second Resolution – Become a far cheesier and more confident business man. See I know it’s pretty impossible to imagine myself any cheesier or cornier or even more obnoxiously loud, but damn do I really have to learn how to pack the salesmen double guns. I can’t be scared to make business contacts or take advantage of various social situations. The truth is nothing happens by resting on your laurels. If you want to make things happen, you’ve got to do it yourself. Especially when you’re the only employee in the corporation.

Third Resolution – This one’s a dousy, but I’ve got to make a final decision on my potential move to merry old Cork. Yes, I’ve hinted at it before and discussed it with most people, but now the chaos of the holiday season is finally over; it is time to move towards a decision.

Which is scary as fuck. Really scary. See unlike most holiday trips or foreign exchanges abroad there is usually a definitive end date at the core of the deal. With this move there is no definitive end date. It might not end. Or it might end pretty quickly. Or I could be there for 5 years or three months. While on the one hand, I’ve suddenly found myself with all this freedom to make this big leap, there is still the underlying fear that once I get there I might get tied up there for a long time.

About the only thing I picked up in 2006 is that anything can happen in a couple of months. If I go over there with set timelines and definitive goals, then I might miss out on opportunities or worse yet get myself in sticky situations. If I go I’ve got to be in a mind set to take what ever is sent to me.

[By the way that sound you’re hearing is the sound of my brain fucking exploding.]

Fourth Resolution – Work and stress the shit out of myself until every single hair on my head is fucking grey.

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ohhh cork is great. scratch – ireland is great. i’ve thought about packing up and doing that many times….

raspberry · Jan 3, 10:02 am · #permalink

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