Retrospective Sunday December 31, 2006

Well wasn’t 2006 fucking epic?

Come on this was inevitable, after all the twists and turns that have encompassed this year, I was obliged to do a year in review post. Everyone knew this was coming and now that I’ve finally stumbled out of my festive two week bender, I think I’m in the mood to be retrospective. But for others less interested in my shitty life, here’s the BBC’s list of one hundred things you didn’t know before 2006.

So let’s get the derailments of 2006 out of the way.

  • Walked away from my job and thousands in stock options.
  • And of course there was the unexpected Barcelona Fiasco/E break-up.
  • Unfortunately, I severed business ties with a good friend.
  • Crashed Gerry’s Truck into a snow bank.
  • Lost Gerry’s Truck to a bunch of Forrest Lawn Thieves.
  • Blew up Gerry’s Truck north of Airdrie.
  • Was shat on by my Doctor to stop drinking and change my life.
  • I started blogging.


I could dump more, but it’s all just whiny nit-picking stuff. So now on to the achievements of 2006.

  • Quit my job to finally commit my energy to the web design world.
  • Became a professional training consultant.
  • Launched my own web design company.
  • Rocked out with some Texans at SXSW’06.
  • Found Turner Mountain
  • Saw a show at the Legendary Brixton Academy.
  • Caught my very first English Premier League Game.
  • Spent an amazing summer living with my best friend.
  • Overcame my social dependency on alcohol. (Well, for a couple of months at least)
  • Finally spent quality time with my English Brother and Irish Cousins.
  • I started blogging.


So what’s to learn from the year? More than I though I was suppose to learn. If you told me in January 2006, all of this would be thrown at me in I’d have called you out as a moo-ron. To be honest, I was actually anticipating mail-in 2006 and taking it really easy. To live a normal existence and minimize all the ups and downs. But I guess that’s the personal lesson for the year; the unpredictability of reality.

As much as it’s all wonderful to plan ahead and set specific life goals, with precise dates and scales of achievement; in the grand scheme of things, no one has any sort of fucking grasp on the future. It’s too unpredictable to live by a definitive timeline. Rather the real method to travel through life is by focusing on personal adjectives and utilizing the resources you’ve surrounded yourself with at that precise moment of opportunity – your friends, your family and your life experiences to someday reach these goals. Essentially roll with the punches.

Throughout this grand ol’ year of 2006, I’ve learned that events and actions occur which are completely out of our control. These ultimately lead us to decisions. It’s these decisions, which define who you become and what becomes of life. At these decision points you rely on your friends, family, experience and you hopefully make an informed decision based on instinct. Then you act and see what sort of chaos that choice confronts you with until the next moment of decision. Then you repeat the whole fucking process with the same group of friends, same family and maybe a little more knowledge. Understanding that as long as you continue to act with flexible goals and passions in mind, it’ll hopefully all work out. Hopefully being the key word.

The Final Retrospective

So, that’s what I’ll take from 2006. And tomorrow it’s 2007. Fuck it, if it gets any weirder.

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expect the unexpected…

I predict that by this time next year you’ll have an oilers tatoo and will be setting fire to a burning effigy of chuck k in the streets of a broken Calgary.

prove me wrong. I dare you.

doug · Dec 31, 12:46 pm · #permalink


CT as an Oilers fan… that will be a cold day in hell.

And I cannot believe you used the word “utilize”. I mean, really!

Happy New Years! May 2007 be even more epic!

ryan · Jan 1, 01:49 am · #permalink


If I end up as a oilers fan next year, then we know the fabric of time is about to implode and I think we’ll have a lot more to worry about. Never gonna happen.

Happy New Years Guys.

cto · Jan 1, 08:37 pm · #permalink

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