Armadillo Studios Thursday December 28, 2006

A New Year demands a new start. So with that, I finally went and decided on an identity for The Corporation.

Today I launched a temporary site for ArmadilloStudios.

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Congrats! Care to shed some light on the name?

dave · Dec 29, 09:54 am · #permalink


Does it refer to a certain pooping keychain?

Because that’s awesome.

hobo4hire · Dec 29, 01:38 pm · #permalink


It’s a little from Column A and a little from column B.

Yes the pooping armadillo was an inspiration, but I’ve been a huge armadillo fan since I was a kid. In a previous conversation with someone, they mentioned the whole philosophy behind How it’s a pretty distinctive and memorable name but has nothing to do with job searches or the workforce. Anyways, when I was throwing out names to people I threw out armadillo. Most people liked the idea and since then it’s grown on me. Add the studios at the end and I’m not pigeon-holed at what I can do with the corporation. It’s not simply a design firm or a generic application company, the studios gives it flexibility, which is what I want.

Plus Armadillos live in Texas. Texas is big, mean and in general you don’t just fuck with Texas.

cturner · Dec 30, 10:53 am · #permalink

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