The-Adventures - 2006 Edition Wednesday December 27, 2006

Last year around this time I started to really get into this whole blog-o-sphere crap and really started reading numerous blogs. Anyways, about this time most blogs like to play a little game called – My Year in Cities. Essentially, it’s a chorological recap of the year by listing the various cities that you spent a night in. Jason Kottke just published his and others are doing the same.

  1. Saskatoon, SK
  2. Medicine Hat, AB
  3. Calgary, AB * (Home base, visited numerous times)
  4. Golden, BC *
  5. Fernie, BC
  6. WhiteFish, MT
  7. Austin, TX *
  8. Denver, CO
  9. A Ditch
  10. Vancouver, BC *
  11. London, England *
  12. Barcelona, Spain *
  13. Canmore, AB

I know it’s a somewhat pompous idea. In reality, very few people actually have the luxury or the wherewithal to travel like some single Ir-glish Canadian. Actually, to be honest I feel blessed to have traveled so much this year and I just hope I’m only lucky enough to push the envelope for next year.

Sorry, feel free to add your list in the comments section.

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-Panorama Mountain Village
-7th Circle of Hell*

Yeah, go Western Canada! Wow, I need to get out more.


ryan · Dec 28, 09:10 am · #permalink

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