Random Thoughts For Songs:Ohia Friday December 22, 2006

Chewy’s going to hate me for this one, but for the past couple of days I’ve been in a weird mood. It’s started with finding that Owl song by I Love You, But I’ve Chosen Darkness. (Yes, you’ll have to forgive me, but if you haven’t notice music controls my sanity) The hilarity of that band’s name aside, the song The Owl triggered something in my memory. Something I had almost forgotten. About years past and driving around frigid Calgary with Chewy listing to an obscure band called Songs:Ohia. In particular, an epic song called The Crow. Maybe its just the simplistic nature of the song or the fact it reminded me of cold Tuesday nights and drinking New Castle at the Night Gallery. Or maybe it’s a great song. Anyways, I couldn’t find a link to a performance of The Crow, but I did find one of a different song.

Hmm, considering the time of the year, maybe this is not the most festive of Random Thoughts. I guess with everyone returning home for the holidays I really just have to suck it up and remember what time it really is? And What’s that Time? It’s….

First – I know the Islanders are a screwed up team, but this player profile page takes it to a new level. Run, MOFO’ers run it’s the carnage of over-paid bobble head dolls.

Second – I crashed a House party a couple of weeks ago and for some unforsaken reason there was this crazy girl giving out copies of the Loose Change DVD, like they were lollipops. She had some obscure story about being in Austin and having to smuggle out 300,000 copies of the DVD to enlighten Canada or something like that. Anyways, as always the whole Loose Change thing brings up the whole 9/11 Conspiracy theory conversation. It’s one that I hate getting into. Seriously, the whole idea that it was a conspiracy theory is such a ridiculous notion. Well I finally found an article which perfectly explains my sentiments with this whole conspiracy theory.

Third – I officially have a new favorite music website and it’s called StereoGum.com It’s far less pretentious than the legendary Pitchforkmedia and provides daily music news with a side of awesome. They just posted a neat little summarization of the Stephen Colbert vs. The Decembrists – Guitarmagedon Episode and the did a cool little write up on coke rap. They also released their Gummy Awards, which thankfully gives some street cred to a certain dirty Irish Mick’s Top Five Records of ’06.

Fourth – For the Short & Curlies.

Fifth – FYI, the sick image at top is from the No Star Clothing line.

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