Charcoal Black Wednesday December 13, 2006

So, a couple weeks ago I said bollocks to the world and purchased myself a little treat. A little something that I probably couldn’t afford at the time, but I’ve been eyeing since reading ndesign studios’ raving review in late october. And what is this magical purchase …

sumo lounge chair

Well, it’s a Charcoal Black Omni Lounge chair. Or what my old geezer would call a glorified bean bag chair. It arrived this afternoon in a 3 foot tall Fed-Ex box and I have to say, it has completely lived up to it’s hype. It is ridiculously comfortable. And it’s already paying dividends on my slouching back. Now, with the addition of this chair there’s sudden seating upgrade from the frat-boy-couch and Ikea stools in the apartment. Anyways, the chair’s extremly light weight and can be pressed in to a dozen different shapes. You can drag it over and just burn out on it or fold it up into a small little side couch. I can just imagine how perfect it’ll be for playing video games or just getting blitzkrieged on rum & orange juice over christmas.

And good god! How fucked has the site become? Two posts about furniture in a week. I need to get out more.

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Looks like you have somewhere to sit while opening your MacBook now…

goates · Dec 13, 10:12 pm · #permalink


they have pink! i’m sold.

kristin · Dec 14, 09:18 am · #permalink


Holy crap! It’s made of space-age nylon!!!

So it’s from the 50’s?

PPS: My favorite is third from the left.

hobo4hire · Dec 14, 05:18 pm · #permalink

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