Random Thoughts for the Ship's Finest Egg Nog Friday December 15, 2006

Alright, I have finally finished Music-critic’s Top Five Records of 2006 Feature. Please read it so I can feel like a whole person again.

So for the past four years, myself and a handful of others have been partaking in a fine tradition at the Ship and Anchor. See the ship makes a special batch of potentate Egg Nog during the Holiday season, but more importantly a dollar from all of the Egg Nogs purchased until Christmas goes to some kid’s charity. It’s a very important kid’s charity, which really goes a long way in defending kids from the atrocities of their daily life. I’ve seen pictures of the charity’s work on some show in a bar once. Sure the sound was off but it looked like some good stuff … like defending them from Ligers and Caribbean pirates. I think they also work to ensure that all the kids never get blind or get diphtheria or Charlie syndrome or the black lung or ingrown toenails. It’s a good charity and by drinking nine or ten nogs in a sitting we end up saving alot of the kids … from something …


It’s solely for the kids … Only for the kids…

Alright! It has nothing to do with us needing a lame excuse to get just plain ol’ripped on Egg Nog …

….nothing what so ever…

First – Steven Colbert has challenged the Decembrists to a Rock OFF! Further solidifying this show as one of the most obscure shows ever created.

Second – The legendary D.A. sent me this link to a Blender that can blend a 20 gig ipod. I’ll have to admit that is the most impressive Blender I’ve ever seen. But the most impressive Bender I’ve ever seen is still on Futurama.

Third – Travis sent this to me, but it seems that Chicken on the Way has its own Flickr Group. Amazing! Truly Amazing.

Fourth – You’ll notice Friday’s random thoughts are a little late and extremely fucking lame. That’s because it’s been insane around here. Mainly, because I’ve been trying finish up a small redesign of the music-critic.ca website and to launch our yearly Top Five of 2006 feature.

Anyways, this is what Music-critic used to look like.

The newerish Music-critic.ca

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