Ferdinandwuar Tuesday December 12, 2006

So the story goes that Mint Records in Vancouver had thier Christmas party on Dec 5th, 2006 at some random Ukranian cultural centre. Just so you know Mint records is home to some amazing artists like Carolyn Mark and Neko Case. Anyways, one of thier label bands the Evaporators was closing out the show. On a further sidenote, the Evaporators are fronted by none other than obscure Muchmusic personality Nardwaur the Human Serviette. Towards the end of the set Nardwaur breaks through the crowd of 400 and pulls up a very reluctant skinny Scottish man to come on stage and play one final song. Turns out this man is none other than Alex from Scottish fucking rockgods Franz Ferdinand. The ensamble of characters closes out the show with Take Me Out! Let the footage load and skip to about the 1:5o mark. That’s when the fat man with no shirt appears and its gets unreal. Now thats a christmas party.

So if you’re lonely / You know I’m here waiting for you / I’m just a cross-hair / I’m just a shot away from you / And if you leave here / You leave me broken / shattered I lie / I’m just a cross-hair / I’m just a shot then we can die / I know I won’t be leaving here / With you!!!

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Any party with a keytar is a good party in my books…

dave · Dec 12, 12:38 pm · #permalink

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