Random Thoughts For My Name is Earl Friday December 8, 2006

Please say that someone caught last night’s episode of My name is Earl. I’ll admit I’ve been in a pretty off state for the past little while, but last night’s show gave me one of my first laugh out nights in recent weeks.

The brutal 80’s covers played over Spanish guitar. Eye of the Tiger. The Field of Rakes. John Leiguzamo dressed up like Michael Jackson in beat it. Jaime Presley. The pit of Leeches. Jason Lee walking around stealing other people’s pants. Amazing. Seriously that was one of the best hours of television I have seen in years. Thank you Jason Lee!

First – I’ve been forwarded this a couple of times this week and others have made note of it, but the University of Calgary’s website is a load of bullocks.

Second – The next trailer for Zach Snyder’s 300 has been released. Looks like more cod pieces and screaming of SPARTA!

Third – Remember the Blogger from Austin who was having way more fun than me. Anyways, Mr. Tony Pierce seems to be stuck in a huge Wikipedia War.

Fourth – How rumors spread in the Oil Industry in Calgary always makes me laugh. A majority of this article can’t be read because you have to subscribe to the Globe and Mail, but the gist of it is that two larger companies are rumored to be on the brink of a massive merge solely based on the fact that the two CEO’s shared a tasty whopper at a downtown Burger King.

Now, I know the BK King is a rather large and creepy plastic head, but venturing into corporate takeovers that’s just kicking it up to a new level. Forget video games and bumper cars, The Creepy King’s got better things to do with his time – like ultimate corporate domination.

Long Live the King!

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Yeah, the ole’UofC site was a total crap disaster. They seem to have changed it around to be more friendly. Whether it’s an approvment or not is up for judgment.

ryan · Dec 8, 09:17 am · #permalink

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