MidWinter Lights Sunday December 3, 2006

So its 8:30 on Sunday morning and I’m working while listening to a Cambodian cover of Joni Mitchell’s – Both Sides Now. How I ended up working at 8:30am on a Sunday morning is another story, but I’m also realizing I’ve officially crashed this weekend.

MidWinter Lights

Crashed in the same annoying manner that my Digital Camera’s memory card decided to reformat itself after 6 months. Well it wasn’t a random attack by a flock of Harpies, but I totally called that something else would happen before the end of the month.

Calgary's Winter Skyline

Alright fine, it’s pretty pathetic to clump a formatted Memory Card in with everything else that’s gone down. But it really is a pain in the ass, especially when you’re at photo 2307. Now, I’ve got to start over with my collection of photos and memories. Remember that Malcolm in the Middle / Simpson’s episode where the mother threatens to erase the kids PS2 memory card as punishment. To all the future parents out there that truly is one of the cruelest and most unfair forms of punishment imaginable.

McDougal Center Lights.

Anyways, I’ve spent too much time in the core collecting some stock photos and images. So here are some random photos of our fair city’s fine winter.

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You kick ass dude, kept rockin’ hard, and never
stop pumping out the gold.

The Unit · Dec 3, 03:18 pm · #permalink

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