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SXSW: SkinnyCorp & Mugshots Tuesday March 14, 2006

There is no point in further detailing the Manhattan colon project (i.e. Nuclear Taco night) any, so I’ll just describe the events which led us to Mugshots and our introduction to Ken Glibson – DWI specialist.

DWI Attorney

Monday’s panels were fairly interesting. The highlight being an intimate Q&A with the skinnycorp founders. As soon as I saw this year’s attendees list I triple bolded this talk as a must see. I love threadless and I’m jealous of the inginutiy of the skinny corp business model.

Conference Hi-Jinxs

For those unfamiliar with skinnycorp, In the past four years the company has developed into a fairly decent 7 million dollar business catering to the refined tastes of its rabid online community. The company has evolved from a small dorm-room office to a 20 person hipster empire. Their entire retail model is centered around a handful of sites:

It was easily the most informative talk of the past few days. It further fueled my fascination with their business model. It was inspring to listen to them describe the dynamics of their online consumer community and how it pretty much controls every element of their business. It was just a little too aggravating to realize they all share my birth year. Oh well, what can one do.

club deville

Like the previous night, the evenings festivities started at the Club Deville for the party. After two days of awkward conversations and introductions it was great to finally get everyone to converge in a relaxed atmosphere. While the rest of our nerdy comrades shook their nerdy asses on the dance floor, a handful of us overran the back bar. Once that closed down (at about 9:30) we were shuttled off to another outdoor venue where we meet the King of Stickers.


This guy was freaking hilarious. He was overflowing with stickers. Every three seconds he’d I either give you a sticker or log one of your quotes into his crackberry. By the end of our conversation I was trying to convince him to incorporate some scottganes-isms for his next sticker run.

LAter in the evening a bunch of use were starting to get jaded with constant conversations about blogspheres, web 2.0 credentials, and xhtml specs. After 3 days of internet bsing we had started to become extremely cynical. In an act of sheer despereation we followed our new found local hero Jon from unsustainabledesign over to the north side of Austin to Mugshots.

Before I go any further, a ct vacation, wouldn’t be a ct vacation if I didn’t end up in a dive bar. It just wouldn’t be the same. For this trip Mugshots was that dive bar. As the name says it was adorened with mugshots of celebrites and patrons. At the time we arrived there was only two patrons and the bar tender. Of the three people there two had been to prison. One had been to ever prision in the state of texas. He even recommed Ken Gilbson as a great DWI actually. Actually pretty much everone at the bar had used Ken Gilbson. The coasters at the bar had Ken Gilbson’s info on them. Even the matches had Ken’s info on them. After learning more about Ken, the bartender gave use a couple promotional lighters as parting gifts. Nothing like a DWI attorney who advertises on a lighter/bottle opener.

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