Illustrator Caricature Wednesday November 29, 2006

So to prove that I don’t just spend my time away from my consulting gig watching old Clint Eastwood movies on AMCtv, I thought I’d post a hint of something I’ve been working on for my upcoming portfolio redesign.

It’s still a work in progress, but here it is.

Shadow Caricature

Maybe this justifies my Fine Arts minor, but it probably doesn’t. If you are intrested in how I made this, all it took was some inspiration, an old photograph, Veerle’s amazing tutorial and these quintessential photoshop brushes from Design Fruit. I’ve been a huge fan of this sort of illustration and I have plans to utilize this sort of illustration into some future projects. I’m just not sure how.

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Man, your beard is more like Iginla’s in the playoffs.

2 questions…

When is your guest spot on “South Park”?


Why no 2064?

Dark Manyluk · Nov 30, 03:13 pm · #permalink

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