Intersection Tuesday November 28, 2006

So the dust (or more fittingly the snow) is starting to settle on this insane month of November. It looks like I’ve found myself in an unprecedented little intersection of life. So what in God’s name do I do now?

I hate to make another overused parallel based on a shitty movie, but I starting to realize I’ve found myself in a situation sort of like where Tom Hank’s character was at the end of Cast Away. You know, where he’s standing in the middle of a deserted highway out in the country, thinking How the hell did Tennessee steal the oilers from Houston? Alright, he wasn’t thinking about NFL franchise relocation, but you know the scene.

I’m digressing.

Anyways, I’ve been mentally stuck in that scene for the past couple of days. The realization that because of unforeseen circumstance, I’ve found myself right in the middle of an open intersection of life; surrounded by a handful of uncertain paths. There’s so many factors that have gotten me here. There are the blatant obvious ones from the past month, but then there are other factors that have been lingering in the back of mind for the past little while. Factors, that I’ve been able to suddenly see.

That fact that everyone around me is slowly moving in their own separate directions is a strange thing to realize. Either they’re getting married, married or no longer living in the little hotbed that is Calgary. There’s also the fact that the quality of life in my beloved home town is starting to rapidly deteriorate. Add into it the fact that unlike many people my age, my career and corporation are truly in their infancy stages. In addition, I also have very few binding contractual agreements tyeing me in place – no mortgage, no car payments, no child support payments. (None of which I’m aware of) Then factor in the lingering interest to get to know my biological family and this whole situtation has turned into a perfect little storm.

So what in God’s name do I do now? First off, it would be a rookie mistake to make any decisions until the end of year. So, I guess the only thing to do is to start counting down the days till the end of this month. Prying that I’m not attacked by a flock of Harpies, or what ever insane event is lined up for me in the next few days.

Still I can’t believe how unreal this November has been.

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