Random Thoughts For Best of's and Other Lists Friday December 1, 2006

So I’m working on music-critic’s top five of 2006 feature, (here is a link to last year’s list) which is scheduled to be posted sometime in the next couple of weeks. Of course, because I’m a music fiend I also have to weigh in with my two cents. Anyways, since I have to write something up this weekend, this week’s random thought are going to be heavy on the music side. Also, if you feel up to it use the comments to state your Top 5 of 2006.

First – From Dooce.com It’s Kevin Smith’s rejected celebrity playlist from Itunes.

Public Enemy What I’ve always loved about this track is how it has a ticking-clock feel to it. There’s such a sense of urgency to the lyrics and music. You ready to be moved, both emotionally and physically? Then here’s your ticket. Hear the drummer get wicked.

As I said previously Welcome to the Terrordome is the perfect wedding song.

Second – At the end of the month Pitchforkmedia.com will release it’s Top 50 records and singles of the year. And while they can be extremely pretentious, their Top Fifty Singles of the year write up is always a great source for making the perfect mix disc for that special someone.

Third – From YouTube-arino Album Art Cover War. The American Idiot grenade at the end if priceless.

Fourth – Oilersuck.com is probably one of the best named websites in the world. It also has a great online store where you can pick up a losers hoodie or a thong for one of your sloppy friends. Alright to be fair to all those oiler fans, the same guy also runs a similar site called Flamessuck.com. (thanks to calgarypuck)

Fifth- Blender’s worst 50 bands of all time. Sorry, but if we’re talking Best Of’s and other lists, I have to add that one. (via, stereogum).

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5? That’s it? You’re trying to distill a year’s worth of releases into the number 5? I haven’t listened to a CD from start to finish in the last 5 years, so I’ll go with my top singles of the year. Feel free to delete this post if you feel my rambling is off-topic.

A few disclaimers:

– I make no promises about the quality of the albums that these songs are parts of – The first 5 are sissy songs that tend to be just a little on the depressing side, so don’t listen to them if you’ve been hitting the bottle, or any other narcotics that might cause you to do something stupid. – The second 5 are songs that I would be listening to if I wasn’t listening to the first 5 so much. – They are not presented in any particular order.

Depressing Songs:

Chad Vangaalen – Graveyard
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Reading in Bed
Sam Roberts – Uprising Down Under
Sunset Rubdown – Us Ones in Between
Hawksley Workman – Ice Age

Not-necessarily Depressing Songs:

MSTRKRFT – Street Justice
K-OS & Co. – Valhalla
The Dears – Hate Then Love
Buck 65 – Dirty Work
Danko Jones – Time Heals Nothing

Feel free to send me hatemail regarding my choices.


dave · Dec 1, 02:51 pm · #permalink


First off, i’ll only delete comments if they slag someone elses choices. I have lots of respect for anyone who would post thier choices here.

Amazing choice with Danko Jones and Time Heals Nothing. Emily Haines is probably one of the most amazing artists in this country.

cto · Dec 1, 04:19 pm · #permalink


I love how I know maybe 2 of the artists you list. I live in a cultural wasteland, so I’m completely unaware that good music gets produced anymore.

Any suggestions on where I can listen to new music that doesn’t suck and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg?

It’s disturbing to look at my 10 gigs of ripped music on my computer and realize I listen to maybe 2% of it on any regular basis.

ryan · Dec 2, 11:24 am · #permalink


Alright as I’ve had more time to think about it. Here are the top five songs from this year. Not in any order particular order by the way.

1. Smiley Faces – Gnarls
2. Knights of Cydonia – Muse
3. Chicken Soup For the Fuck You – Shout to the Four Outs!
4. What Goes Around … / ... Comes Around (Interlude) J.Timberlake
5. Impossible - Kayne West feat. Twister

cto · Dec 4, 12:09 am · #permalink


CBC Radio 3 (http://radio3.cbc.ca) is a pretty good place to start looking for new & upcoming music, although it tends to focus only on Canadian talent…

dave · Dec 4, 02:56 pm · #permalink


Thanks Dave!

I’ve been listening to Radio3 for a while now, liking it. Wish I had investigated cto’s links a little more closely before.

ryan · Dec 6, 12:07 pm · #permalink

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