LavaLife Friday November 24, 2006

Let me preface this by apologizing for the hollowness of posts recently. I never wanted ctoverdrive to become some vehicle for shitty emo poetry or whining. I swore it would never turn into that, so I’ve been avoiding writing anything of substance for a couple of days. (What, talking about pooping Armadillos isn’t substantial?) My minds been in a thousand different locations and it’s just not my style to air out personal laundry. I’d like to believe I’m far stronger than that.

But I also understand that others have been checking in to discover some insight into my well being or figure out what’s been going on. Anyways, I’m comfortable enough to say that besides an unhealthy addiction to David Bowie and Interpol I am doing remarkably well. And I’m not just being delusional or letting an over inflated ego cloud my vision, I’m actually pretty shocked at the pace things are going. I still have moments of which I can’t control, but I’m dozens of months ahead of where most would be. As an added benefit c’est une empire has not crumbled. What sort of random power has let me get through this whole situation so fast? I know I keep saying it, but my stellar collective of friends and family are the ones I owe so much. Unfortunately, the one thing I’m not looking forward to is my phone bill at the end of the month.

Anyways, back to the origin of this post. The other thing I am not looking forward to is diving back into the whole sad single dating scene. It really is brutal. Hands down brutal. And the thought of dating again frustrates me. To make it even worse, dating actually gets a thousand times harder when you’re out of the solid relationship factory that is University/Art School/Community College. Just look around at all the lost singles and the billions of dollars that they pump into the dating industry and websites like Lavalife. It is such a horrible environment to want to be in and there are very few people in the world that truly like this scene.

The Sad Sad Single Life

I know I’ve changed over time and I like to think I am a far more mature person now, but I despised the whole dating dance in University. I used to have this ridiculous two date limit with everyone. If after two dates I didn’t connect with the person, I wouldn’t phone them back. It was pretty cold and immature. I hated doing it to people, but it was an easy way of pulling the chute. (Funnily enough, I pulled this stunt on E five years ago.) But it was just one of the elements of dating that I couldn’t stand.

Still, the thought of having to justify things to someone all over again is pretty crappy. Trying to forge that special connection again and essentially win the lottery of love for a second time is not something that excites me. I’m also dreading explaining to a 20 something what 2064 or c.t.o means. Or trying to justify my career choice to sit in my stuffy apartment in my stretchy, stretchy brown pants three days a week. I don’t even know how comfortable I am explaining the green star on my right shoulder and I really don’t want to explain this blogging nonsense. Getting into these conversations is not a proposition that excites me at all.

I guess this also means a dramatic shift in content for ctoverdrive. A change towards one of the numerous looking for love in all the wong pwaces blogs. I’m an avid reader of a few of these types of blogs. Although it’s kind of entertaining to live vicariously through someone else’s dating exploits, there is always an underlying sense of sadness, bitterness and longing in pretty much every single post. I’ll try to steer ctoverdrive away from that attitude, but if it does happen somebody’s goanna have to give me a good knee to the groin.

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dude, anytime you need a knee to the groin just drop me a line…

dave · Nov 24, 04:12 pm · #permalink


Fair enough, you have first dibs on kneeing me in the groin.

Any other takers?

cturner · Nov 25, 09:16 am · #permalink


Are you sure you want to turn this into a scene from Airplane with everyone lined up to take a kick??

Count me in! ;-)

goates · Nov 25, 10:48 am · #permalink


I guess that means I’m third in line!

Kent · Nov 25, 02:10 pm · #permalink


well… you have enough trouble explaining what 2064 means to us.

I’d go with the expiration date, it’s a better story.

Dark Manyluk · Nov 28, 09:53 am · #permalink


i pass the torch…

raspberry · Dec 7, 09:36 am · #permalink

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