Fighting Armadillos Tuesday November 21, 2006

A friend of mine recently went to San Antonio for a business conference. For corporate reasons, I asked him to pick up some Armadillo paraphernalia. He brought back a couple of things, including a pooping Armadillo.


Yes, that’s right it used to be a pooping Armadillo. I say used to be, because during one of many phone conversations this week I accidentally squeezed out all of the plastic donkey. For some reason I still can’t get over the fact that this tiny little plastic armadillo contained so much plastic brown goo in it. I’m also pretty sure that this mystery goo will one day give me some rare skin disease.

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“For corporate reasons” you got a pooping armadillo? What kind of business are you running!?

Kari · Nov 22, 07:31 am · #permalink


When does your corporate Lamb Blood and Goat’s milk arrive…

Oh ya, I don’t go to Norway for 10 Months…

Dark Manyluk · Nov 22, 11:00 am · #permalink


Well it’s not like he should be using his own personal poop for corporate operations… That would be a major conflict of interest and fraudulent on some level for sure. I wouldn’t doubt for a second that he’s embezzling poop somehow though… dipping into “the company pot” eh connor?!

Doug · Nov 22, 11:02 am · #permalink


... it got into my hand, and it went bad. so I had to lop it off, with a chain saw…

R. Joseph · Nov 22, 03:06 pm · #permalink

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