Random Thoughts For Alcohol and Consumer Consumption Friday November 17, 2006

Coors Light and Furniture with too Many Vowels.

Thursday Afternoon. Rummaging through IKEA with Phil. Shopping for replacement furniture. Enjoying my first taste of the Coors Lite Lifestyle. On a scale of one to ten, I didn’t see that one coming.

Call me sleep deprived, but why does IKEA need to sell beer? Honestly, is the whole IKEA experience that bad for some people? Does the color yellow or words with too many constants consonants actually drive people to drink? I don’t get it? Who decided that society need to explore this avenue of alcoholic consumption?

First – I wish I would have known about this project before landing in Britain last week, but it appears someone is setting up miniature figures in random locations around London. My favorites have to be the I was a Teenage Dinosaur and Waiting for the Lift. Check them out yourself, because it really is a fantastic idea.

Second – This is a great article which describes the difference between the Tate Modern and the MoMA in New York. I’ve never been to the Museum of Modern Art, but the Tate Gallery was such an experience that I doubt I’d be attracted to it. The Tate experience is really a joy. The Unileaver slides, really alters your experience. Whether you’re a burned out Web Designer, stressed out Businessmen or frightened school kid, by the end of the 3 story drop you’re in a completely different mood.

Third – There was an amazing Lomograph store in the Barri Gothic district of Barcelona. It sold all these amazing cameras, that would allow you to take the most phunked up photos through fishbowl lenses, four way lenses or even a tunnel lense. I found the store online and if you are looking for the perfect gift for that amateur photographer in your life, this is the place to go.

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i bought the supersampler a few years ago and when i went to pick up my first roll of film from the developer, they told me it was free because the machines had screwed it up. jokes on them! HAHAHA

kristin · Nov 17, 05:48 pm · #permalink


You might want to check out the site of the international lomographic society – http://lomohomes.com/

who would have thought that a crazy russian photography attempt like the holga camera would spawn such a weird discipline of film art.

are constants like consonants but more regular and predictable? like having a fj in every product title?

Doug · Nov 17, 09:21 pm · #permalink

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