Notebook Wednesday November 15, 2006

Back of the Cab

So I had a really sappy post on here for about three hours tonight. And after a couple rounds of coffee and a harsh phone call, I have decided to remove the post because of the extreme sapiness of the content.

So that’s it. No more talk of the split.

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Aww..guess I missed it then.

JaG · Nov 16, 08:09 am · #permalink


For those of you who missed it, it was a little story of being a wussy romantic and how ridiculous Hollywood plot lines will be my downfall. Pretty pathetic stuff.

cto · Nov 16, 06:32 pm · #permalink


at least your not just sitting in your stuffy apartment drinking orange juice…...

oh wait, dang

R. Joseph · Nov 17, 11:20 am · #permalink


now hear me out,
you bring something nice to wear…

Canmore, Baby, Canmore

CTO will be the big winner.

Dark Manyluk · Nov 17, 02:28 pm · #permalink


Baby, we’re going to be up five hundy by midnight!

cto · Nov 18, 02:25 pm · #permalink

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