The First Post Wednesday February 22, 2006

You! The ultimate cynic, finally contributing to society and giving it to the world. – Laura, High Fidelity

The First Post, where to begin?

Let’s start in my doctor’s office on February 13th. At the tail end of a strange and confusing week. I found myself sitting on an elevated bench in an examination room, apathetically waiting for my annual check-up. The appointment started off innocently. A simple “Hello” from my doctor was then followed by “You have to stop drinking.” Needless to say I was taken back by this impromptu change in check-up procedures.

So rather than slipping his uncomfortable cold hand in the most unmentionable of nether regions, he spent the rest of the appointment dressing-down my life. He profiled my social life, career aspirations and then gave me a little glance into where I was headed. There was no voodoo involved. No sacrifices to pagan gods. His advice was short, simple and founded in common sense. During our chat he had managed to systematically deconstruct a life I had been struggling to champion and justify since April. He sent me on my way neither being poked nor prodded, but with this advice:

  • You’ve had your last drink.
  • It is time to mature.
  • Start focusing on yourself.

So why does that doctors appointment justify a web log. It really doesn’t, but a conversation like that can really shake you to the core. It makes you reevaluate your life. It gets those ambitions flaring and makes you challenge your priorities. For months it has been my intention to start one of these fandangle things. I enjoy sharing ideas, concepts and passion with friends, family and strangers. But in all honesty, what was there to write about? Nobody wants to read a web log consisting of links to new bands or pictures of groin injuries.

Rather, the really interesting material is based in crazy and honest real life experiences. If I am going to write, I’d rather borrow a page out of Heather Armstrong’s Dooche site. As one of the patriarch bloggers, she has spent the past five years openly chronically the highs and lows of life – including getting fired for her blog. Her earlier entries are really interesting. Plus I easily connect to the manner in which she cynically approaches life and her elegant use of the words boob and motherfucker. So under this premises this web log is born.

Since that appointment I have spent considerable time evaluating my current lifestyle; its direction, what I want it to do and where it will go. Apparently this is something others my age seem to be conflicted with. Unfortunately trailing down that path never leads to easy answers. Maybe this web log will be away to figure this co called life out or maybe it’ll just be a way for me to share the surreal situations I often find myself in.

I can promise that ctoverdrive will be honest, insane, current and probably humorous. I’ve always enjoyed self-deprecation to entertain people, so why not put it on the net. The website itself will continue to evolve, as my knowledge of web design grows. I already have grandiose plans for an image gallery, a flicker site, portfolio, and resume. But for the next couple of weeks I’ll continue to flirt with this web log concept. I’ll post stories, photos and interesting articles on a wide range of topic until I figure out a niche. I will even go as far as to chronicle my battle against the bottle. If anything this page will be a great way to stay connected. Download a RSS/Atom feedreader and use the feed burner to stay updated or simple check back frequently. I’m off to Austin, TX for SXSW in a few days. Although my drinking days are now fading into the distance, I’m bound to screw something up in the Lone Star State.

Come along and maybe I’ll post something inspirational (most likely not), but I guarantee you it’ll be unpredictable.


Where does CTOverdrive come from you ask? Besides the obvious High Fidelity reference/Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) parody, CTO (Connor Turner Overdrive) was the name I used to give a night of hard drinking and stupidity. An evening of CTO was always accompanied by blackouts and regrets. Unfortunately my Doc’s advice has kyboshed this manner of lifestyle. So as homage to my enjoyable and somewhat regrettable past it is now the title of this lame garble of words and ideas.

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