Tragic End Saturday November 11, 2006

Friday November 10th was a long and fucking horrible day. In the history of bad days it now ranks number two on that list.

Number one, well that’s Thursday November 9th 2006 – the day E and myself ended our four year relationship.

It’s sad but, it was just two people who care for one another with two slightly different views of the future. Who were just not able to full comprehend and accept the beauty of the present. I’ll be honest it will take months for me to reconcile and step away from the fact that the potential in our relationship is finally over. But I must.

She will always be my E, my kiddo, my champ. She will always occupy a quarter of my heart. We did things for each other that were spectacular and life changing. We pushed two lonely and sad heart to new levels. Levels neither of us could have ever imagined. We built a strength that very few people could endure. We fought through a lot together and we are both better people for it.

But, I’m sad towards the end of our true love. I’ve lost not only my best friend, but my partner. But I am most heart broken for the lost potential. The end of something that was spectacular and could have been unimaginably brilliant. The beauty and perfection in our relationship wasn’t in its entirety, but in the simplicity of moments. The moments we shared, a simple holding of hands, a simple kiss before waking up, a simple smile, a simple wink or even a simple night of cooking and eating. All those moments existed in every aspect of our daily realtionship. The love that many people struggle to accept and will spend their whole lives trying to find – That’s what we had. That in there lies the tragedy of these events.

But it’s over now. November 11th is known for a day of remembrance and for me this day will have a stronger meaning than I ever expected. I gave it my all. But today I have to pick up the pieces and work to build a different life.

A life, with out my E.

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From now on, there will be no interaction with girls on the ninth of any month. December, July and now November are tainted.

Personal recomendation…

Shining Force, Swingers, and reading High Fidelity are +’s

Yogert, Wiskey, and Tom Petty’s Echo are -’s.

Pee Wee’s big adventure had a pretty Crappy ending too, come on, that was a girl’s bike.

dark manyluk · Nov 11, 01:34 pm · #permalink


That’s some good advice from a sage like man, brother. Orange Juice, Shining Force and Swingers. It doesn’t get any better than that.

cto · Nov 12, 04:48 pm · #permalink


Rod Stewart, hashbrowns, and AGD…

And yes, for the love of god, stay away from Echo… that shit’ll mess you up.

Jamie · Nov 13, 02:25 am · #permalink


Major -’s to add to that list.

Beck’s Sea Changes, anything by the Police and fucking Hayden’s Everything I long For.

Abandon ship.

cto · Nov 13, 09:54 am · #permalink


i am so sorry to read this connor. i hope you are doing okay.

kristin · Nov 13, 11:21 am · #permalink


Hit the AGD dog hit it like you should have hit her for breakng your manness

The Unit · Nov 20, 09:21 pm · #permalink

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