Family Ties Friday November 10, 2006

As an only child and the son of immigrant parents there has always been a strange relationship towards the word family in my life. Due to the distances between Canada and the British Isles, I’ve only spent a hand full of days with my biological family. So the connection that most people feel to family is something I’ve never had the chance to experience. To deal with things I’ve had to create a different and less common theme of family, utilizing my friends and the people I’ve met in Calgary.

Anyways, When the shit hit the fan Thursday night, by coincidence my two lovely cousins were there for me in Barcelona. Julie and Dian had planned to met up with us in Barcelona for a day of shopping and to escape their own personal issues. Unfortunately, life happens and all of my plans were changed. Julie and Dian were wonderful and were there to scoop me up and lend a ear; to lend a shoulder and to put me on my feet back to Canada. It was the first time I’d had to deal with such a situation and those girls stepped up. I can’t ever explain my gratitude towards them.

If you can’t tell Cee Tee’s Big Adventure has come to an abrupt conclusion. I’ve touch every single emotion on this trip. From extreme nervousness to delight to awkwardness. To the uncomfortable feeling of something is wrong all the way to complete emotional devastation. All in the matter of one week.

I’m tired, drained and glad to back in Calgary with more of my family.

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