Brixton Wednesday November 8, 2006

As I mentioned to Rory and Max, as a little turd of a kid I had one of two goals. One was to catch a live English Premier match (check) and the other was to see a show at the legendary Brixton Academy in London. With that being said, I could write an entire post about the concert, the intensity of Brixton Academy and the amazing show Gnarles Barkley put on, dressed in The Doors attire. But you’d be bored to tears and I’d feel extremely guilty for face washing everyone with my good fortune.

So a brief recap.

My last few days in London were spent trotting through the streets of Bricklane Market, Angel, Church walk and Old Street. Sure Rory and I took an afternoon to indulge in the amazing slides at the Tate Modern, but a majority of my last few hours were spent sharing some bittersweet moments with my brother – Max. Bitter due to the distance of our relationship we never truly get to spend time together, but extremely sweet because it’s moments that I value a little more than most others. It’s time that is always simple but beautiful at the same time.

One of the many benefits of having Max as a tour guide is his immense knowledge of London’s boroughs and restaurants. There isn’t a single alley way or dark street that Max, doesn’t know. It also ensures that every street unleashes to an offbeat delight. For example on our last night, we visited Max’s workshop and enjoyed some delicious pizza over a round of Pub Quiz. (By the way team Bearded Calm ended up Last) A nice quiet way to finish off the trip.

Fast forward to today and I’m hunched over a laptop in the dungeon of Erin’s architecture studio in Barcelona.

Yesterday, was a son-o-va bitch of a day. It took a lot out of me and like many of the travelling days before it, I’m nucking tired. A day of tube rides, train rides, getting touched in the bum by Ryan Air’s baggage policy and an uncomfortably long flight.

But it was all worth it, for the simple pleasure of being shoulder checked in to a glass window by a skinny Canadian with an insatiable smile.

Take care.

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