Debra Monday November 6, 2006

I said lady, Step inside my Hyundai. I’m gonna take up to Glendale. Yeah. I’m gonna take you for a real good meal. ‘Cause when our eyes did meet. Girl, you know I was packing’ heat. Ain’t no use in wasting no time?

So the legend that is McGuire has grown ten-fold since arriving in London. I have so many weird comments to make about the strange uncomfortable vibe that oozes from the dorms here, but I’ll save those for later.

Anyways, on Saturday afternoon while in a somewhat hungover-drunken state Rory and I were sitting on the Overground back from Charlton. About a minute in, Rory notices a stunning dark haired girl across the row with two guy friends. He turns to me and in a stone cold face says, I am going to give her my number.

I just look at him and say McGuire you are insane if you do. We look like trash, she’s surrounded by two guys, and you’re wearing a large Charlton scarf and a ridiculously bad Darren Bent T-shirt. He looks back in a cold stare and says I’m going to do it.

Moments before we leave the train McGuire uses my moleskin to scrawl his mobile number on a piece of paper. As the doors open, he breaks through the two friends, looks the girl in the eyes and hands over the number. We walk away laughing about how unreal that situation was.

So after having a crappy dinner in SoHo, we are walking along the banks of the River Thames. Rory suddenly stops as we are walking and starts laughing at his cell phone. He passes me the cell phone and makes me look at the text.

Just two questions for clarification. Where is your accent from? And are you Bold, Desperate or both? I’ll see you in ten days. – Michelle

Surreal. Tomorrow I’ll write about Gnarles Barkley at the Brixton Academy.

There is no way this is happening.

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