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Catalyst Saturday November 4, 2006

You can take the boy out of the Prairie, but you can’t take the Prairie out of the boy.

This is what I screamed at McGuire as Rory, some Irishman, and I demonstrated the lost art of shot gunning beers in the middle of an open street bar on Brick lane. Turns out you can

As I type this post the pre-fireworks for Guy Fawkes day are going off in the background. Yes, that’s right, tomorrow is remember, remember the fifth of November. It’s V for Vendetta Day. It’s a god damn revolution outside! That’s essentially how surreal this entire trip has been. There’s been moments where we’ve had to step back from everything to take a moment to realize what we are doing and the surreal events that are going on.

So a brief synopsis of the past few days. First off, not bringing my USB cable for my camera was the worst idea ever. The only thing I can say is rookie mistake. I am planning to purchase a cable solely to share these pictures and for the instant gratification of having my Flickr account maxed out.

Yesterday, McGuire and I spent the day strolling around the High Street shops of London shopping. Yes, it wasn’t the touristiest of things, but it was entertaining nonetheless. There is nothing like walking around mouthing off in our loud obnoxious Calgary voices, mocking the fact that you can’t find a pair of size 36 jeans in the entire city. Seriously, does London fashion not apply to normal waited people? Anyways, we then spent the evening with my brother Max chatting over a couple of bowls of horrible Vietnamese. Discussing Geo-politics and America’s ridiculous attraction to NFL Football. Laater that evening Rory and myself spent the wee hours of last night bringing the old Embassy dance vibes to the all-nighter clubs of London.

Today we stumbled out of our immense hangovers to catch the Charlton Athletic vs. Manchester City game. This was my first experience with a live English Premiership game and it was fantastic. We picked up the cheesiest Charlton Athletic T-shirts and spent the afternoon screaming our lungs out in unison with the 26,000 plus members of the Charlton Athletic fan club. We also even started throwing out some of our timeless Canadian heckles.

Hey Linesman, which one of the players is your daughter?

Hey Doctor, what’s wrong with his knee? Is it Terminal?

Hey number 24 how’s your wife and my two kids?

You’d swear nobody in England had heard of heckling like this before. And that comment right there pretty much explains the trip in a nutshell. It’s been a trip where, Rory and I have been catalysts for one another. Building on each other and acting like two insane Calgarians in London. Dancing like mad men and brining the praires to London.

Anyways, the fireworks are getting more intense, this Dennis Rommedahl Charlton & Denmark T-shirt is starting to chafe and I really need to fish out the lost contact lens from my eye.

I’m out!

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jealous very jealous….enjoy you bugger

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