Random Thoughts for the Most Delusional of Fridays Thursday November 2, 2006

Wow, am I ever in a delusional state of lost time and insanity. I’m waiting for a large robotic tin can to come busting through Mr. McGuire’s dorm room shouting Danger Will Robinson! Danger! See, I’m not even sure what day it is? Is it Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday? Am I in the past, present or tomorrow land? If I’m waking up at 2:00am London Time and it’s 7:00pm in Calgary, then what time zone am I actually running on? I guess staying awake for 38 hours will do that to you.

Anyways, London has been surreal. To begin, I was warmly greeted by London’s finest machinegun toting cops upon my arrival to Heathrow. As the politest young officers helped a generally misunderstood hooligan off our plane.

Next, everything in London is how I remember it from 6 years ago – Except six years older. The Millennium Bridge is now open and the trees in front of the Tate are now six years taller. My favorite pub, The George is still standing. I took McGuire to it tonight for a brisk evening pint. Or was it an early morning pint?

Mr. McGuire has graciously put me up in his LSE dorm for the week. It has that owe du young undergraduate lust feel. If I had a thought to have packed my usb cable I would be able to show you an amazing photo of the lue/shower combination which dominates Mr. McGuire’s dorm room/closet.

First – I have absolutely nothing this week.

Sorry, I just don’t have anything funny to link to. The only thing I can think of in my delusional state of sleep deprivation is a series of Red Meat Comics – showcasing the great Ponzo.

Sorry pictures are toooo big for the new site

Take care.

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The George: Mon-Sat, it opens at 11. Food service begins at 12 (and that’s pretty common). I love the UK – you can come in and drink, but you don’t get to eat for an hour.

hobo4hire · Nov 3, 06:52 pm · #permalink


Travis, I totally missed that. Well I know where I’ll be going for a morning helping of Barley Soup.

cto · Nov 5, 02:48 am · #permalink

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