EuroTrash Wednesday November 1, 2006

If I’m going to spend a couple of weeks in Europe, I might as well fire-up a brutal Eurotrash Mohawk/Mullet. So If you were ever curious what a dull razor and a couple of dollars gets you this is it…


(It doesn’t look like anything now, but I’m hoping in a couple of weeks it will look awful.)

Alright, getting your head shaved isn’t the most common ritual before leaving on vacation. But I’ve been dying to do something young and stupid for over five years now. Unfortunately, my employment situation has prevented me from being anything but professional. So for the first time in 5 years, I’m free of all the shackles of a professional appearance for three whole weeks. Sure I’ll be doing some work online to keep the Corporation running, but for the next three weeks I am finally free of any commitments. I’m on a much needed and well deserved vacation.

It’s a trip that I will forever refer to as Cee Tee’s Big Adventure. I’ve got a suitcase full of freshly minted Mini Discs, (Yes, there is still one Luddite left in the world that hasn’t converted to cult of Apple Ipod) an extra memory card for my camera, my old Let’s Go Spain Guide and a map of the London Underground. The plan calls for 5 days in London to hang out with my old roommate and my brother. Then it’s off to Barcelona to see Erin. Finally it’s off to Palma Majorca to see some old Family friends. Yes, back home to the Motherland. Back home to my family’s old stopping grounds.

So to rip off Cabbie on the Street I’m with my man D (that’s my camera) and I’m gone.

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