Final Countdown Tuesday October 24, 2006

... 7 days and counting.
... The final countdown.
... One ticket to Paradise?
... Fantastic Voyage?

All right after a 3 year hiatus, I’m heading back to the Motherland for a 16 day whirlwind tour. It won’t be as mysterious as the excellent adventure from 2001 (My solo trip to Ireland) or a much as a gong show as the Bogus Journey in 2000 (My 4 month trip to Europa). Instead, this trip is a competently new bread of European trip. So I’m trying to come up with an equally as catchy name. (unfortunatly Euroshima was taken)

It’s a more refined version of the previous trips. With set goals and maybe even a more mature attitude. No absinthe parties, bungee jumping or No trips to the red light district to watch a banana show with a man in a gorilla suit. Instead, more refined ideas like a trip to see Max, the British Archives, Gnarles Barkley at Brixton Academy and a short jaunt to Palma Majorica to visit some of my mum’s old Tour guide friends. More importantly it’s a trip to go and crash E’s glorious four month vacation in Barcelona. (Barcelona of course needs to be said with a lispe)

I’d like to look at this trip as some sort of powerful sequel. You know – same places, different cast, hopefully more interesting than the first. Sort of like Aliens to Alien or even Army of Darkness to Evil Dead Two. Ah, who am I kidding. The trip will probably end up more in line with Weekend at Bernie’s 2 than the Godfather part 2.

... 6 days and counting.

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