HalfShell Monday October 23, 2006

Heros in a Half Shell?

Heros in a Half Shell

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When the evil Shredder attacks /
Those turtle boys don’t cut him no slack

Jamie · Oct 24, 07:52 pm · #permalink


Turtle Power!!


Gary · Oct 24, 09:40 pm · #permalink


Ninja Rap, Ninja Rap/
Go Ninja Go, Go Ninja Go

How did that guy ever get the ladies?

cto · Oct 24, 10:14 pm · #permalink


I just died a little inside after watching that video.

Only a white man can make the Turtles uncool.

Jamie · Oct 25, 12:26 pm · #permalink


I’d usually make a clever comment that would probibably go to far,

But conner would most likly remove it anyways,

way to advocate censorship Conner

R. Joseph · Oct 26, 02:10 pm · #permalink

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