Random Thoughts for Denny's World Famouse Buffalo Strips Friday October 20, 2006

Everone in the world should know what these are.

That’s right – Denny’s Buffalo Strips. If you’ve ever been to Denny’s with me, you’ll know how revolting these margarine coated travesties are. It was a staple during our party days. Every Friday and Thursday the plan went like this: go out, party at the Den and then end up at Denny’s to subject ourselves to the pain that is Denny’s Buffalo Strips.

A good friend of mine got engaged recently and to celebrate we went to Denny’s. It was mainly to relieve the past and share a few round of bad coffee like we used to in our glory days. It also let us subject the bastard to his final Buffalo Strips as a single man. Therefore this week’s Random Thoughts are dedicated to him and Denny’s exquisite Buffalo Strips.

First – AquaWookies! (from dooce.com)

Such was not so for these wookies. Most of the race rejected popular press and exposure, retreating to and adapting to other locations to escape the bright lights of the Lucas Empire. In 1984 an oceanic explorer on a routine dive discovered what is now known as the “AQUAWOOKIE”.

Sounds like cowardice to me.

Second – The New Sony Bravia Commercial. Unfortunately it doesn’t even compare to the original bouncy balls, but it does have a random clown in it. By the way the song Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez, which is used in the Bouncing balls clip, is easily one of my favorite songs from 2005.

Third – A compressive list of the origins of rock band names.

THE DEFTONES – Because when they started out, people thought they were so bad that they called them tone deaf – transposed to def tones.

Four – This priceless article from the onion was sent to me by the new roommate. We both laughed about it out loud. Like really loud. It last about 5 minutes. Then our laughing became awkward. Then we both slide off to our separate rooms to laugh about it in solitude.

Fifth – The Halloween M&M’s Challenge – 50 Horror movies hidden in one painting. During my first attempt I scored a 27 out of 50. Here’s a hint for everyone trying to waste their Friday afternoon on this sucker – The Hills Have Eyes.

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