Milestone Monday October 16, 2006

On a completely unrelated note, It is my opinion that Bill Murray is a god. Being a legendary celebrity is one thing, but crashing an undergrad party in Scotland is another.

Two weeks into the life of the corporation and yesterday it achieved it’s first major milestone. No, it wasn’t the corporation’s lawsuit or even my first sleazy business lunch. And it was defiantly not my first invoice. (Money from web design, what a ludicrous concept.) Rather the corporation released its first web site. Well, sort of.

In an act of pro bono, (which currently constitutes most of my work at the moment) I have revamped the University of Calgary Polis Club Website. I built the intial site over a year ago. (Pictured below)

The Polis Website - circa Sept 2005

So here’s the slicker 2006 version of the site. Sure it’s still a work in progress but it is a classier improvement of the initial site. Once I get around the U of C II department it will hopefully become a blog and incorporate elements of CMS.

Chalk a small victory up to the corporation.

On a further unrelated note, Chomiak finally gave me photos from our Bachelor Party in July. As a general rule of thumb you’re not suppose to take photographs or have evidence from a Bachelor party… But this is too priceless not to post on here.

Jukes-overdrive 2006

On a Side note: two hours later I was stumbling around Dalhousie throwing my mullet at a Telus phone booth. Reason 4,121 why I shouldn’t be around alchol and spandex.

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