Half-Nelson Sunday October 15, 2006

So after two attempts, I finally caught Half Nelson at the Uptown. The Verdit? Well, I’m happy to say I was really pleased with the movie.

Since all the Gosling fans I know have left Calgary, it means I had to drag my mum to watch it. Which is a sort of strange, but neat experience. I don’t know how many times people out there have taken their parents to see a film in the past few years, let alone an arthouse flick about a tweaked out school teacher in the Bronx and his strange relationship with his student.

So how’s the film? I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to others. I guess it is a lighter addiction opera, similar to Requiem for a Dream. But instead of grotesque scenes of Double D’s and amputation, there’s just the images of Goslings smoking the crack rock in a gym locker room. I’m a sucker for addiction movies and I’m not entirely sure why. Either way I really enjoyed Half-Nelson. Ryan Gosling’s performance is astonishing in this movie. I’ll have to stop cracking Breaker High jokes at his expense. Damn, I might even move him ahead of Don Rickles on my Favorite actors of All Time list.

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