Random Thoughts For Business Casual Fridays Friday October 13, 2006

Things have started to roll on the corporate side of things.

Moo Cards

As you can see from the above photo, my spiffy new business cards have come in from merry old England. I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the cards. They have a elegant finish and nice cut. Overall, I’d even venture to call the cards rad. I highly recommend moo.com for all the entrepreneurial types.

On another note, Sutherland and myself have finally launched Element Software’s new corporate web site. Yes, it’s not overly flashy, but that’s the Element philosophy. We don’t roll with flash sites. We roll for content, usability and simplicity. There’s an insult in Texas where you call down a person for being All hat, No cattle. At Element, we are All Cattle, some hat; all substance, some style. The site will continue to evolve as things start picking up, so check back frequently. Plus, as the website says we’re 100% Pure from Concentrate.

First – This link is not safe for work, but [insert slimy voice] it is for all the ladies out there. [end slimy voice] It’s ohmibod.com. Anyways, lets just say ohmibod is a new tool. A new nice shiny silver tool for your ipod. A tool that vibrates to your favorite tunes and vibrates as wide as loud as your wildest playlists.

Read between the lines and you’ll figure out what it’s for. For the record I found this via another blog. For god’s sake, I don’t even own an Ipod. Let alone use one for a sex toy…

I swear…

Second – In the future, it seems there will be more Futurarma. (via kottke.org)

Third – From Craigslist Calgary on Oct 5th, 2006 – SCRABBLE BOARD NEEDED!

Fourth – From Craigslist Calgary on Oct 6th, 2006 – SCRABBLE TILES NEEDED!

First question, What kind of crackhead can’t afford a fucking Scrabble Board? Second burning question, what kind of crackhead gives a scrabble board without scrabble tiles? Third burning question, what kind of crackhead can afford an internet connection, but not a scrabble board?

Fifth – N Design Studios Is a fantastic resource for Adobe Illustrator tutorials. His tutorials are far more informative than most post-secondary institutions and so called online tutorial site. I frequent his site quite regularly and have started to use some of his ideas for upcoming projects. It seems that a website has been ripping off his free tutorials and has started selling them for profit.

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