Google Search - Part 2 Wednesday October 4, 2006

Now to continue on with the Google Search Posts.

First off since the last Google search post I’ve received a couple of emails from people correcting me on my knowledge of Ms. Kuhn. It turns out that she actually has had children.

So to further clarify my statement about the Fast Forward Sexiest Woman title, it had less to do with attractiveness, but rather more to do with the fact that somebody actually beat out Tara McCool. Which brings me to number 4 on the list…

4. Tara McCool

Since mentioning Ms. McCool, more people are being redirected to cto. Unfortunately, via the Google rankings, cto is now sandwiched somewhere between and Dr. Tongue. This knowledge alone has really freaked me out. For the record, I want nothing to do with any creepy quasi-celebrity sites.

Ah! Abandon Ship! no more talk of obscure Calgary new reporters!

5. CocoPoops

So my lovely aunt from Ireland bought me a box of Coco Rocks cereal. The cereal was fantastic, but it resembled dear pellets. Nutella even oozed out the cereal when you bit into it. I wrote a post detailing the experience and decided to call the post CocoPoops.

So who would be looking for Coco Poops on the internet? The Japanese. It turns I get three views a week from Google Japan. Now, I know enough about Japense fetishes to not explain this any further.

6. The Dual Action Clense

This used to be the most searched result on ctoverdrive, but since they don’t run the advertisement anymore it’s dropped in the rankings to Travis Pastrama and 604-696-1033. So the Dual Action Cleanse, let’s just say after waking up at 4:30 in the morning to help out at the seed, I wasn’t in any mood to see some Golem like character sell me a herbal cleanse. I mocked it on this site and it slowly crawled up the Google ranks. But it was still the orginial obscure Google link and was the impetus to write this post.

So there you go, the full power of the internet and Google Searchs. Taking my obscure comments out of their context and sending strange people into my life since 2006.

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