Incorporation Sunday October 8, 2006

Well that wasn’t what I expected.

With today being Sunday, the Corporation is officially one week old. So, what’s it like to work at home? What’s it like to transition from a cushy 7:30 to 4:30 lifestyle to become your own corporation?

So far it’s been a cluster of chaos.

Cturner in the Office

Update: How Irish am I? A Saint Patricks Day T-shirt and an Irish mouse pad.

I’ve been ribbed all week about how nice it must be to be able to avoid the daily commute of work and the redundancy of a rigid work schedule. I have to admit there are elements that do have their benefits. Being able to wake up and fry up some vanilla French toast any time I feel like it, is pretty nice. Unfortunately the added stress of a start up/consulting firm crushes any illusions of freedom and irresponsibility.

This epiphany came to me around Tuesday afternoon, when I had my first official breakdown. It wasn’t a Oh my, what am I doing? freak out. It was more of a HOLY CRAP! I just donkeyed all over the sheets of my phony career and I have no way of bull shitting my way back out of it? freak out.

Contrary to what you might believe, since last Saturday I have been up every morning at 6:30am busting my ass for the corporation. And that is exactly what caused the freak out. Last weekend I worked day and night trying to fill out incorporation forms and get my marketing machine up and running. Unfortunately, after 45 hours of working, the corporation had conjured up $0 dollars of income and incurred a few hundred dollars in debt. Better yet, my only viable source of income was a Sports Select ticket (Damn you Seahawks!) and the recycling depot. It was at the point that I freaked out.

As I’m discovering, as the sole employee of the Corporation for every 4 hours I bust my ass, only 1 hour actually equates to income. (Or so they tell me) I love being able to work in nothing more than my stretchy-stretchy pants, but it unfortunately doesn’t bring in any income. (Plus it freaks out my poor roommate) Maybe if I set up a web cam and wore nothing but my knickers and had huge sloppy boobs; then working from home would have its benefits, but right now it’s not really that exciting. It actually makes it harder to escape the pressures of the corporation. Being able to separate work from your home life is one of the great benefits of a office lifestyle. It’s something I’ll have to learn in the next few weeks.

Anyways, Like my sad attempt to stop drinking, which is now on day 14 of my 17th attempt, over the next little while I’m going to write a little about my experiences with the start-up. I’ll be brutally honest with it and hopefully you guys will enjoy it. If not just wait until I find some obscure Bollywood dance number.

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