BollyWood Thriller Tuesday October 3, 2006

What’s left of my soul died watching this clip. Good God! I don’t know whether to thank CBCRadio 3 for this clip or to send them hours of hate mail.

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That is…remarkable.

The hip thrusts right at the end were a good move to finish off on, though I’m a bit concerned that his ear-to-the-shoulder move could lead to injury.

This video ruined Thriller for me, though. I’ll never be able to watch it again, knowing that such a superior version is out there.

hobo4hire · Oct 3, 11:10 am · #permalink


now that i’m done ripping my eyes out of their sockets, this video kind of reminded me of this one:

kristin · Oct 3, 01:27 pm · #permalink


Is it wrong to have risen from my seat and danced to this???

Kraptin Panzer · Oct 3, 07:35 pm · #permalink


No man that fat should be able to thrust with such a vengence. I’m a fan of the running the Zombies, but hip thrusting dancing zombies with a pot belly, that just crossed the line.

What the hell is “KILLA” “LILLA”? And why does the V in VOLGA drop like a space invader at level 10?

kristin, by the way the kid in that other video is like a freaking robot. My god that was unatural.

cturner · Oct 3, 07:47 pm · #permalink

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