ShoutOutOutOutOutOutOut Monday October 2, 2006

So this weekend I essentially connected my usb cord from my laptop straight into my wrists. Alright, not really. But I did spend the entire weekend hunched over my goddamn laptop trying desperately to get Connor Turner inc. up and running. I managed to update my portfolio, produce some business cards and spam everyone I know with my changed information.

The only truly sociable thing I managed was to catch the Shout Out Out Out Outs and Holy F#$k Show. Hilarious band names aside the show as awesome and I managed to catch a few snap shots with my camera. As you can see it was an orgy of synthesizers, cowbells, Radioshack (er…sorry The Source by Circuit City) wiring and mayhem. Great show and if you are interested Danko Jones plays at the Back Alley tomorrow night. That’s two amazing shows in less than 4 days.

Holy F%^K Shout out out out out tastic

These pictures don’t give the show any justice. Seriously the place was eeelectric. The bands were jostling between synthesizers and cowbells, while firing off scissor kicks every five minutes. The crowd was eating up every morsel of energy from both bands.

More CowBell!!

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