Music-Critic Happenings Tuesday September 26, 2006

Warning! Inflated Ego! This post contains blatant self promotion. (Unlike every other post on this site)

One of the factors in my decision to get up and quit with my current employer was to free up more time to learn the basics of web design. (And to also work from my apartment in women’s panties) Specifically I wanted to dedicate more of my time to my pet projects and to see where they could go. One of the larger projects is the music review site

Music-critic essentially started off as a guy in his basement getting his friends to write music reviews. Since the site’s redesign in May the site has slowly begun to evolve into something a little more professional. It is now averaging about 500-800 site viewers per week and we’ve picked up big name advertisers such as Warner Brothers and Universal Records. The focus of the site has also evolved and I think it has found a perfect niche in the Canadian music review scene. Our reviews are a little bigger that chartattack blurbs, while not nearly as long winded and pretentious as the reviews from the legendary pitchforkmedia. By focusing on smaller records from Canadian acts, such as City and Color, Corb Lund, That creepy Jim Morrison wannabe from the Tea Party, Roxanne Potvin and the Sadies, we have garnished the site far more views than the mainstream records. In turn, allowing us to review smaller records like the new Shout Out Out Out Out’s (Which, I’m still working on) and shine the spotlight on other acts like The Grates and Lillix.

We are even starting to launch some decent contests. (That’s right Chris, no more life sized cutouts of Brad Paisley and one year sentances to his fan club) We are now offering up a great prize pack for the new Grates album. In a couple of weeks we’ll be launching another contest for the Rapture. (Subtle hint: Please Enter)

Needless to say we will be unleashing a new redesign with hopefully more gizmos and gadgets for the site. I’m pretty proud of the site’s evolution. I guess it’s a good example of the little guys rising up and breaking through the old school barriers of the publishing industry.

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