SXSW: Nuclear Wasteland Tuesday March 14, 2006

Remember the first time you were sick when you were a little kid. Remember how you cried like a little baby. It wasn’t that you were in horrible pain, it had more to do with the uncertainty of what was going on with your body. Your body was acting strange and all you want to do was end it. So what did you do, you cried. You just cried to make the pain go away. Mommy would eventually tell you everything would be alright and eventually it was. But during those uncertain moments when you didn’t know what was going on you just cried.

I cried like that this morning.

Sitting on the john, crying like a little girl at the horrendous pain swelling through my digestive system. The aftermath of Nuclear Taco night will go down as the most agonizing hour ever.

Last night the tacos seemed so innocent. They just looked like normal tacos. So of course I switch into my full “Go Big! or Go Home!” mode and did what any idiot would do. I wolfed down two of those nuclear beasts as fast as humanely possible.

Needless to say the tears in the last picture are not tears of joy, but shear pain.

Nuke Taco -01

Nuke Taco - 02

Crying like a little girl

24hrs to go.

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