Random Thoughts on the Last Reggae Friday Friday September 29, 2006

Years ago I had a really crappy week. Hands down that week took the cake as the worst week ever.

See, I used to have a boss that was a legend when it came to dishing out lectures. One time I was getting shit on so bad that the girl in the next office started to cry. So, now when ever people say so and so got really shit on at work today, I look at them and laugh. Like a loud miniacal laugh. See nobody ever gets shit on as badly as we did back in the day. I like to think all those yelling matches made me a stronger individual … Well sort of … Actually come to think of it, they probably just drove me to the Drink. (Correction. Women actually drove me to the Drink.)

During the week in question I decided to find something to lift my spirits. So I went to HMV and spend 30 dollars on Bob Marley records. For the rest of that week I listened to nothing but Bob Marley at work. I figured that no matter how shitty the situation was as long as I was listening to Every Little Thing will be Alright, everything else was pretty much a joke. That week taught me a valuable life lesson. Everything will actually be alright and at the end of the day work, is just work.

After that week I made it a tradition to listen to Bob Marley on Friday afternoons. I’ve kept it going for the past three years. Since this Friday is my last day of full time employment, I am dedicating today’s random thoughts to Reggae, Bob Marley, Going to Zion and Matisyahu.

What I’m fighting for. Is worth far more than silver and gold. What I’m fighting for. Is a chance to unite the past. When a brothers coming home at last. Fighting together for lives. To Zion we roll and we’re not all alone.

First – A company in Alberta has developed a Gran Theft Auto Style Video Game to train RigPicks on rig safety. I just hope there’s a mission which teaches Rig Pigs not to blow their money on Drumheller crack and cocaine. Maybe a mission that shows Rig Pigs how to sensibly invest their money rather than leasing a brand new 4×4.

Second – A local production company is auditioning contestants for a courtship reality television show. You get to write romantic love letters to random girls through out Calgary and the show makes them reply. How wicked is that?

Third – Borat has a website. It’s god-awful, but hilarious at the same time.

Fourth – I think I’ve read Marmaduke the comic strip once in my entire life, but this guy’s translation of the comic is pretty hilarious.

And with that here my favorite work related comic…

Sorry this picture is too large for the new site!

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Those were some legendary shits, my friend. I don’t quite know where Zion is, but I bet they have a crazy postal code…

Hope the ‘transition’ to the new job works out, and you don’t end up eating hash browns and listening to ‘Three Little Birds’ every week.

Have no fear for atomic energy, for none of ‘dem can stop de time.

Jamie · Sep 30, 01:10 pm · #permalink


I’m sure Zion has the craziest postal codes.

Thanks buddy and take care.

cturner · Oct 2, 10:51 am · #permalink

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