Random Thoughts in a Couple Thousand Little Pieces Friday September 22, 2006

The Guardian has an exclusive and revealing article with James Frey – the vilified author of A Million Little Pieces.

Throughout the article he makes some valid comments about the controversy, while still coming across as someone who knows he shit the bed. When this story broke, I was in the who cares and its not a huge deal camp. I still am. Obviously, I understand how furious some people may have felt. Especially Oprah’s legion of wholesome Soccer Moms. But at the same time it’s the memoirs of a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. What did you expect? It’s stories recollected from the memory of an alcholic and a junkie.

I’ve commissioned my fare share of 72-hour benders and I can say from experience it’s almost impossible to remember every little detail. There are hours of empty memories and its almost impossible not to fabricate and compensate for the gaps. Was it 10 beers or 25 beers? did I break 6 deck chairs or 12 deck chairs?

For the record I have yet to read A Million Little Pieces, but I do intend to. (Way to go Connor. Why don’t you talk about a book you’ve never read) But just because some of the events are exaggerated and fabricated, I sort of doubt my enjoyment of the book is going to be affected. I’ve gone through Kerouac’s On the Road a few times and on each reading I am less intrigued by the surreal events, but enthralled by the story itself. Fear and Loathing is in the same vain. I really like Frey’s parallels to Kerouac and it is with that mind frame I’ll take into it when I read it. As Frey says; To tell a story effectively you manipulate information … I think that if stories were told always exactly as they really happened most of them would be really boring.

Wow! Two Oprah references in less than 7 days. Time for some random thoughts.

First – I used to work at the Knifery in Chinook Centre. We sold copious amounts of Swiss Army Knives. Over that period in my life I saw my fare share of Swiss Army Knives, but nothing compares to Wenger’s new Franken-Knife.

side note: the Knifery website is absolutely fabulous.

Second – Finally sailors in Norfolk Virginia (home of the world’s largest naval base) can get Tattoos.

Third – Now that the elements of my life are in the process of becoming incorporated, I think I’m going to need some attractive business cards. Maybe some customizable flickr business cards from moo.com will do the trick.

Four – Tonight the Calgary International Film Festival launches. I have been so swamped with projects and jet-setting to Vancouver that I completely missed this one. Anyways, if anyone has suggestions for movies to see, they would be greatly appreciated. It looks like there’s a Justin Long film showing, but besides that I am clueless.

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