Granville Island Brewery Tuesday September 19, 2006

So instead of detailing the rather quiet and laid back adventures in Vancouver these past couple of days I thought I’d do something a little different.

When traveling there are two things I gravitate to: American Colleges and Breweries. With that in mind, I don’t know how I’d missed the Granville Island Brewery Tour on my two previous trips to Vancouver. But as the saying goes the third times is a charm.

Brewery tours are always an entertaining way to get a little sense of the pride that a local brewery provides for a region. Sure there is the obvious Bob & Doug McKenzie allure of these tours, but I find that when a community really embraces a local brewery it’s the qualities of the area will show throughout elements of the tour. My first foray into the world of brewery tours was the infamous Heineken Tour in Amsterdam. (Subsequently, this was where I met Trevor, who accompanied me on the tour. i.e. the guy in the last photo)

Granville island Brwery Tank

The Granville Island Tour wasn’t really that mind boggling informative or interactive. It lasts a whooping ten minutes. The atmosphere was really laid back and it was an uneventful walk through. The location on Granville Island is really small and now only produces its seasonal brews, which really limits what the company can do at this location. The majority of the Granville Brewing has been outsourced to their Kelowna plant, which makes sense considering the size of the space and the growth of the company.

In my opinion the tour could really use some more historical information, like previous labels or advertising campaigns. Maybe even erect a large phallic symbol (like the Guinness Monolith) or hire a platoon of broke artists to force feed you beer. (Like the beer fest at the end of the Heineken Tour) Imagine if Granville commissioned a large beer-spewing totem pole or something along those lines. See that’s entertainment.

But the tour makes up for it during the sampling portion. You essentially get a tray of each of the Granville brands in season. We missed out on the OktoberFest Pumpkin Ale by a couple of days, but were able to taste thier popluar brands. I’ve been reluctant to admit this because of my loyalty to Big Rock, but I’ve been converted to Kitsilano Maple Creek Ale. It’s probably one of the better beers I’ve tried. Not too dark and not too light and with the perfect sweetness.

Trevor & Turner in Granville

So as far as brewery tours go, the Granville Island Tour receives two creepy Alexander Keith Guy Heads out of five. The tour itself is rather uneventful, but the sampling section clearly makes up for it. They also lost a creepy head, by not getting you hammered and then unleashing you on the gift shop. That’s one of the key elements of a great brewery tour. Getting drunk and spending stupid amounts of money at the gift shop. Rookie mistake Granville Island.

The Creepy Alexander Keith's Guy's Floating Head The Creepy Alexander Keith's Guy's Floating Head

Oh and here’s a picture of a toque in the shape of a Large Turkey.

Turkey Head

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