Fairly Subdued Sunday September 17, 2006

While Calgary was embracing its first taste of winter on friday, I decided to rub it in that it everythign was all sunshine and lollipops in Vancouver. Of course last night it poured buckets. To the citizens of Vancity I will take full responsiblity for this infux of crappy weather.

VanCity Loser

The trip so far has been fairly subdued. Not much in the way of over the top shenanigans or sketchy nights down on East Hastings. Which is a nice change of pace.

Rather the extent of our craziness has been one too many Kitsilano maple creek cream ale’s (one question, why so many names? just a question) and some over indulgence in west coast cuisine. A walk around English bay and a large feast at the Eatery. (By they way although the food was spectacular and the decor was quietly kitchy there was no actual girls in their knickers. Just plenty of photos of girls in their knickers and glowing bunny vinyl figures)

Tree Haus

An attack of the Granville Island Brewery and a little bit of pitch and put is in order for the rest of the weekend. Maybe an assault at the Vancouver art Gallery.

For curiosities sake, yes, I did take my laptop on my vacation. I know it’s sad, but one has to embrace inspiration and the creative process. Also I can’t give up my intense porn addiction. Plus you don’t actually expect three guys to talk to each other. That’s what msn messenger is for.

Sidenote: The Shout Out Out Out Out’s (or as we like to call them Shout to the Four Outs) debut Not Saying/Just Saying is really growing on me.

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