Random Thoughts For Such A Soggy Friday Friday September 15, 2006

When it’s raining like this there is of course only one logical course of action.

That’s is to get on a plane and head to the soggiest city in Canada. I guess a couple of months ago I decided that heading to Vancouver this weekend would be far more productive, then moping about my apartment missing the old roommate. So now I’m heading off to Vancouver for the weekend to visit a couple of friends. It should be nice to explore a new city for a couple days. Any suggestions of things to do? The last couple of times I have been in Van-city the city really hasn’t made that much of an impression on me. Plus the Cannots are in Vernon, so there will be no heckling.

First – We’ve been debating if this is a joke or not. But the U of C now has an Oprah Club.

Let's all Join the Oprah Club

Come on Calgary! Join the U of C Oprah Club…

Second – From the new roommate’s bevy of obscure websites – RetroJunk the website. A site dedicated to everything that is 80’s retro. It contains a strong collection of Saturday monring cartoons including my favorite Saturday morning cartoon – G.I. Fucking Joe.

In addition it also has a list of classic movies from the 80’s including a write up about Legend. Yes, Legend is the famous flick where Tom Cruise is a woodland fairy searching for Unicorns, while fighting a demonic Tim Curry. Honestly, I am not making this up…

Second – I don’t know if this is a joke, but while in Vancouver we have reservations for some place called the Eatery. From the website it seems like a fusion of bad Korean animation and chicks with their ho-ho’s hanging out. Please don’t check out this website at work as it has music, which of course you can’t turn off. Oh yeah, it also has chicks in their knickers. The Eatery Site.

Third – 37 signals is comprising a list of user recommended podcasts. If you are new to the world of podcasting this will be a good intro.

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